Friday, January 11, 2013

Laravel - A Clean & Classy framework?

Seems like Laravel is the new buzz now when it comes to PHP framework. I've been using CakePhp and been exposed to Symfony Framework. Now is the time to think of a new framework to add to my arsenals of developer tools. The question is-- Will this be worth the time and effort to test? Is this just a craze of another PHP framework?

Laravel was founded by Taylor Otwell back in April 2011. Hmm.. Seems like a new framework to me compared to CakePhp but the community seems nice and very friendly-- a promising future for Laravel. So what makes it different? Here is a summary of features from Laravel website:

  • Bundles
    • Features that you can easily add to your application.
  • The Eloquent ORM
    • Uses the most advance PHP ActiveRecord implementation.
  • Application Logic
    • Flexibility to control your logic through controller or routes.
  • Reverse Routing
    • Allows you to create links on named routes.
  • Restful Controllers
    • Is an optional way to separate your GET and POST requests.
  • Class Auto Loading
    • Keeps you from maintaining autoloader configurations and unnecessary loading of unused files.
  • View Composer
    • Are blocks of codes that can be run when a view is loaded. This keeps you from loading unnecessary data from the model to the view.
  • The IoC container
    • Gives you a method for generating new objects from any part of your code.
  • Migrations
    • A version control for your database schemas.
  • Unit-Testing
    • Ability to write unit test for your own codes.
  • Automatic Pagination
    • Just call paginate and where to output the result. Laravel will handle the rest.
Seeing this list, I say, the one I'm most interested about is Migrations, Unit-Testing and Bundles. Seems like I'll put an effort in testing and trying this framework. 

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