Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Basic Typography for reports

Last Tuesday, We had a design class. I learned something about cheats regarding making your reports. The instructor said that if you want to make your report look very presentable use 10 or 12 font-size because that is the font size that people are familiar with. Size 11 is like torn between two numbers so it wont be that effective.

In choosing your font face:
If all else fail, use Arial.

You ask why? There was a time that Times New Roman was said to be the most legible font face, but really it is Arial and it is the safest font to use for web interfaces. Also, If you want to make your report look studious, use the font face Helvetica. It has this feeling of being a book-like font.

For powerpoint presentations, add images after 3-4 slides and never forget to put a graph! Just make your presentation in bullet format. I remember the time back in High School where the students uses Cartolina just to have a visual presentation for the audience, now, powerpoint presentations are what's in!

With this simple things, you can create a great an impression that you are prepared and well-equipped even though you're not. Haha! I wish I had known this things while I was doing my book reports back in college.

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